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With technology spreading its wing with a rate that does not follow any statistics, owning a car has now become very easy. But along with it comes the necessity of having car insurance. People may ask about the need and utility of car insurance. Car insurance has been used for something good. If not, why would have the car insurance been in place since the early 1900′s?

A car is nothing but a possession that helps you to commute easily in different places connected via roads. This may not be the fastest way of transport but surely saves some time and is continuously making life easy and smooth. A loss of car is always associated with a financial loss. It can also mean a social and personal loss in case of deaths caused by a car accident.

Vandalism, theft, road accidents, vehicle damages due to calamities such as fire can result to the various kinds of loss mentioned in the preceding lines. Car insurance tries to give protection against the financial loss associated with the loss of a car. It is true that social loss and personal loss cannot be prevented but at least a financial loss can be avoided.

Certain countries have made it mandatory to have car insurance. In case of failure to have one can lead to fines and penalties. But this is not yet the part of the disastrous picture. What if you face a collision with another vehicle? You car gets damaged! You can hurt other people and they may have to be admitted in hospital? Who will pay for the repair of your damaged car? Who is going to pay the ambulance bill? These can be taken care if you have active car insurance in place. The third-party insurance gives you the cover to pay the bill associated with the ambulance and may be other medical expenses and the part that protects your vehicle will pay for the damage repair.

The irony is that we learn about the staggering figures of the car accidents that take place each year but we find out a reason to avoid the car insurance. It is true that some money is pumped out of the pocket to pay for the insurance premium but at the same time, we get this financial security. We can continue to live our life in the way we were even during this emergency situation!